Natural stone wall


STEP 1 :
Delineate the shape of the wall with spray paint, or with rope and stakes.

STEP 2 :
Excavate 15" deep. The thickness of the excavation will vary according to the final height of the wall. For a wall of 3 'and -, excise 24' 'of width. For a wall of 4 'and +, excise 36' 'wide while keeping 12" behind the wall for the drainage stone.

STEP 3 :
Install the geotextile membrane in the bottom of the trench. For 4 'walls and +, remember to have enough membrane to cover the back stone 3/4 "net.

STEP 4 :
Fill in 3" of 0-3/4" stones, water lightly and compact with the vibrating plate or "jumping jack". Repeat this process until you have obtained a 9' foundation depth for 3' and -, or 12" deep for 4' and + walls The thickness of the foundation may differ depending on the final height of the wall.

STEP 5 :
Spread 2 inches of stone dust and level to level.

STEP 6 :
The first row of natural stones should be half in the ground. Start at the end of the wall while going up stairs. Place the larger stones in the bottom and set aside the more rectangular ones for finishing. Take care to ride the joints. If necessary, cut the stones with the chisel and a mass. Regularly check the level and make sure to tilt 10 degrees to the rear. Stabilize the stones with stone dust and hit with the mass on them to put them in place. You can also take the rubbish from the stones either to stabilize or fill the back of the wall.

STEP 7 :
For 3 'and - walls: if you wish, you can install a French drain 3' 'in diameter at the back of the wall base. For a wall of 4 'and +: install a French drain of 4' 'diameter at the back of the base of the wall. Fill the back with 3/4 "clean stone and stop about 6" from the end of the wall and bring the geotextile membrane over the clean stone.

STEP 8 :
Take the most rectangular stones and use them to finish them. Remove excess stone dust.

STEP 9 :
You can add between the stones of the sphagnum moss.Mouillez, take a handle and stick there in the apparent spaces. You can also add soil between stones and add alpine plants.