Decorative stones

Multicolor Marble (new)

Source : Quebec
Type : Calcite Marble
Size : 3/4" to 2"

Quantity :

Crushed calcite marble from Baskatong, Quebec.
Pink, white and gray marble deposit.

By their aspects, their colors and their forms, the decorative stones make a very good decorative element. At the foot of your trees, shrubs and plants, they will make a nice contrast of color. Using decorative stones instead of cedar mulch will save you money on maintenance and renewal each year. Use in combination with a geotextile will prevent the stones from sinking into the soil and reduce the growth of weeds.

Red Granite
Red Granite
Source : Ontario
Type : Granite
Size : 3/4"
Golden Pebble
Golden Pebble
Source : United States
Type : Silica