Decorative stones

Black Slate

Source : Quebec
Type : Slate

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Black slate is particularly suitable for plants that need heat because slate mulch contributes to warming the soil. This is the ideal mulching for rock gardens for example. It is also suitable for acidophilic plants.

Slate mulch come fine career Ardobec release. They are recycled into mulch by a screening operation. Slate mulch are used in landscaping as ground cover and erosion control on slopes.

Characteristics :
Color : Black when wet, grey bluish when dry
Size : 3/4" - 2" and 2" - 6" (with elongated particles)
Formats : random
Surface finish : flat surface with natural cleavage

Classification ASTM C406Charge min ASTM C120 (N)
Absorption max ASTM C121 (%)
Profondeur de ramolis
Max ASTM C217

Grade S1     2558     0,25     0,05
Grade S2     2558     0,36     0,20
Grade S3     2558     0,45     0,36
Grade S1     2865     0,16     0,04

The results obtained allow to classify the slate as Grade S1

Pebbles Black
Pebbles Black
Source : India
Available in 20 kg bags only (until stocks last)
Green Slate
Green Slate
Source : Quebec
Type : Slate