Concrete blocs steps


Step 1 :
Delimit the shape of the staircase with aerosol paint, or either with rope and wooden stakes.

Step 2 :
Excave 12 inches deep in sandy soil and 15 inches deep in clay soil. Please allow 12 inches more on each side for accessibility.

Step 3 :
Install the geotextile membrane at the bottom of the trench.

Step 4 :
Backfill 3 inches of 0-3/4" crushed stone, water lightly and compact using the vibrating plate or a jumping jack. Repeat this process until you have a foundation 9 inches deep in sandy soil and 12 inches deep in clay soil.

Step 5 :
Spread 1 inch of stone dust and level it out. And this while having a 2% slope for surface water drainage.

Step 6 :
Start with the first step by installing a first base block in the ground and then a second one behind it. Complete the first row by making sure that the blocks are level. Install the second row of blocks, making sure that the blocks are properly inserted into each other with their alignment keys and overlapping the joints.

Step 7 :
Apply a bead of masonry adhesive to the base blocks and install the step block. The latter must slightly exceed the base blocks. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 as many times as necessary to complete the desired staircase. From one step to the other, the first row of base blocks will be loaded over the last row.

Step 8 :
For the construction of a landing, the plain pavement must be at the same final level as the step block. For the construction of the latter, refer to the installation guide for plain paving stones.