Sidewalk patio slabs


STEP 1 :
Mark the area to be redeveloped with an aerosol paint. Please provide 6 inches more on each side to provide better accessibility and space for curbs.

STEP 2 :
Excavate 9 inches deep in sandy soil, and 12 inches in clay soil. Plan a slope of 2% to circulate the surface water.

STEP 3 :
Install a geotextile that will prevent contamination of 0-3/4" crushed stone with existing soil.

STEP 4 :
Place the wooden stakes inside the surface every 10 feet. Stretch a rope at the same level where the tiles are laid.

STEP 5 :
Fill with 3 inches of crushed stone 0-3/4", water lightly and compact with the vibrating plate in one direction then the other Repeat this process until you have obtained a foundation of 6 inches deep in sandy soil and 9 inches in clay soil. (the depth of the foundation may differ depending on the model of the chosen slab)

STEP 6 :
Install the two metal pipes at a distance of 6 feet at the same level as the stone dust bed. Spread 1 inch of stone dust. Slide the wooden board over the metal pipes and move the pipes as you go. Remove the excess stone dust.

STEP 7 :
Lay the first slabs in a 90-degree corner according to the chosen pattern. If necessary, cut the slabs with a concrete saw. Stay away from the area as the resulting dust will irrevocably stain the installed slabs. Remember to wear safety glasses and hearing shells when cutting.

STEP 8 :
Install the pavers and push 10" nails every 2 feet. Alternative : install concrete curbs Make sure the curbs are stable and level, add stone dust If necessary, cut the curbs Edges with the concrete saw and dig a little deeper into the foundation of 0-3/4" for the desired height.