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The cinder blocks are produced on an ultra-high-performance vibropress that will meet and exceed all of your performance requirements. Manufactured in in Patio Drummond's certified factory, our blocks meet the following norms: CAN A.165.2-M85 TYPE 1-25, ASTM-C55, ASTM-C145 et BNE 2623-001-76.
Choose between our selection of hollow and solid blocks to complete your next job.

For construction projects, pool installation, our blocks will meet your needs.

Full Block 2'' :
7-1/2'' x 15-3/8'' x 1-5/8''
18 pounds by unit
121,6 units by pallet
152 square feet by pallet
2 736 pounds by pallet

Full Block 4'' :
7-1/2'' x 15-3/8'' x 3-1/2''
35 pounds by unit
64 units by pallet
51,2 square feet by pallet
2 240 pounds by pallet

Hollow Blocks
Hollow Blocks
Parking Bumpers
Parking Bumpers