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Concrete fill blocks are used “when you want to bring in soil or other surface material to make a levee or fill a cavity” – we even pulled a definition out of the dictionary for you. And, when they’re beautiful like ours, concrete Slope blocks can also be used to create low walls that have a lot of style. The Slope block, formerly known as the “Bloc Uni” at Patio Drummond, has proven itself over the years and remains the preferred choice of do-it-yourselfers and contractors.

Uni Block :
5" × 11-1/2" × 9"
40 pounds per unit
84 units per pallet
60 square feet per pallet
3 360 pounds per pallet

Foundation Slab :
3-1/8" × 13-1/4" × 35-1/2"
125 pounds per unit
27 units per pallet
79.88 linear feet per pallet
3 375 pounds per pallet

Maximum height : 5'

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