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Although the Interpavé looks like ordinary bricks, it is much more durable. Rectangular shape makes for a variety of layouts on square, rectangular and irregular surfaces. Easier to install than real brick, the choice of colours will give you more leeway in matching your hardscape or in creating your very own style.

Pedestrian Traffic
2" x 4-1/8'' x 8-3/8''
5.25 pounds by unit
504 units by pallet
120 square feet by pallet
2 646 pounds by pallet

Heavy Traffic
2-3/8" x 4-1/8'' x 8-3/8''
7 pounds by unit
384 units by pallet
92 square feet by pallet
2 688 pounds by pallet

Rustico 2.0
Rustico 2.0
Urbania 80mm
Urbania 80mm