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Its speed of installation, its sturdiness, its solidity and its affordable cost made the Patio Bloc a favorite among do-it-yourselfers. With continuous improvements, the Patio Bloc 4×4 is now more ergonomic. The size of the openings has been rethought and redesigned to allow better use. In addition, we have added drainage strips to promote ventilation. Equipped with a central hole to fix a post, the Patio Bloc will be your ally in your landscaping projects.

Deck Block 4 x 4 :
9-7/8'' x 9-7/8'' x 6''
31 pounds by unit
80 units by pallet
2 480 pounds by pallet

Deck Block 6 x 4 : (special order)
12'' x 12'' x 6-3/4"
53 pounds by unit
54 units by pallet
3 600 pounds by pallet

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