Cold Asphalt

30 kg bag

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Cold asphalt is a black colored coatings composed of a mixture of 0-5 mm aggregates and high quality bitumen. Resistant to seasonal changes, this product is ready to be used for the repair of potholes, cracks and gaps on all asphalt surfaces.

Recommendations :

To maintain optimum malleability when laying in winter conditions, store the bags in a warm place for 48 hours prior to application. Do not use to build paved structures (example: ramp). Use repairs less than 6 square feet.

Yield :
A 30 kg bag covers a volume of about 0.014 cubic feet (0.50 cubic feet). That is, an area of ​​2 square feet to 3 inches thick.

Packaging :
This product is offered in 30 Kg. 56 bags per pallet. The pallets are covered with a plastic package.

Surface Preparation : Using a cold chisel, break up the edges of the damaged surface to rid them of loose aggregates. Clean the surface where the product will be spread with a broom or shovel to remove stone, mud, sand or water, etc. may affect the application of the new coating.

Application :
Fill the hole with cold asphalt. Leave about ½ inch above the rest of the paver to compact. For best results, the thickness of the cold asphalt layer should be at least 2 inches. Compress the cold asphalt using either a roller, pestle or shovel to compact it well. The resistance of cold asphalt depends on the compaction done on the repaired surface, the more the asphalt is compacted, the better the result. As soon as this operation is finished you can move on the surface freshly covered.

Curing : The curing period is longer in hot weather. Before applying a sealant, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer's technical sheet.

Cleaning : To clean the instruments used for installation, use a solvent such as hydrocarbon (mineral spirits).

Precautions : The naphtha contained in this product may cause irritation to the skin and eyes. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for first aid.

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