Wet-Cast Stone Paver Prep

Prepares wet-cast pavers prior to sealant application

Quantity :

• Driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks made of wet-cast pavers, slabs, etc.


• Prepares wet-cast pavers prior to sealant application
• Dislodges mould release agents and ground-in dirt
• Brightens up colours
• Concentrated


Techniseal® Wet-Cast Paver Prep is specially formulated to prepare wet-cast* pavers and slabs prior to sealant application. It dislodges mould release agents and ground-in dirt on wet-cast products. When properly diluted, this ultra powerful formula works deep without discolouring or damaging the surface. It brightens up colours, cleans evenly and enables sealants to better penetrate the material. It is ideal for bare or sealed surfaces.

* Important : Contact the paver manufacturer or distributor to find out if pavers to be treated are truly wet-cast pavers.

3.78 liters of concentrated product cleans approximately 400 square feet.
Coverage will depend on surface condition and product dilution.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight and with adequate ventilation.

Size : 3.78 liters
4 units per box

• Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles. • ALWAYS TEST on a small hidden area of approximately 4 square feet to ensure that result meets your expectations (see Warranty). • Do not mix product with any other chemicals. • Never use this product without first consulting with local authorities regarding the application of such products, waste management and run-offs. • Do not apply under a blazing sun.


Some wet-cast pavers are very sensitive to cleaning products; ALWAYS TEST on a small area to ensure pavers are compatible with cleaner.

Surface Wetting :
To reduce the penetration of Paver Prep into sand joints and thus make product easier to rinse, first wet the surface to saturate joints with water; then let the surface dry, and apply product. 

Dilution : Determine the dilution required to properly clean the pavers without damaging or discolouring them. It is recommended to first test with an 8:1 to 10:1 (water: cleaner) dilution. Prepare the solution in a plastic watering can by pouring the cleaner in the water, not the other way around. If the solution does not clean properly, increase the concentration until proper ratio is obtained. Lower the concentration if solution discolours the pavers. A lower concentration should be required on a sealed surface (i.e. 8:1).


Application Conditions :
• Surface must be dry and warm to the touch.
• Temperature must be between 10°C and 30°C

Necessary Tools :

• Plastic watering can
• Street broom (for scrubbing)

Important :
 Do not apply product with a mop or a broom. Never let cleaner dry on the surface; keep it wet at all times until it is completely rinsed off. Never apply the product at full strength.
Work one section of 100 square feet at a time. Spray or pour the diluted product, making sure to cover the whole surface without leaving any dry spots. Gently scrub the surface using the street broom; rinse immediately and thoroughly, until all traces of foam disappear, before proceeding to another section. In cleaning each section, overlap the edges of adjoining sections to ensure that no uncleaned strips are left between them. Once all the sections have been cleaned, rinse thoroughly and let dry.

Urban Grey
JS - Semi Gloss Finish
JS - Semi Gloss Finish
Ideal for permeable systems