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Playground Mulch

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Properties : The wood fiber is 100% natural, organic and composed exclusively of selected cedar wood fiber. It contains no toxic or allergenic elements, and has not undergone any chemical treatment. In addition, this product does not contain any recycled material.

Safe : Playground wood fiber creates a safe play surface when applied as recommended. It reduces the risk of injury in case of a fall, by its ability to absorb shocks.

Resistance : Playground wood fiber is known for its longevity and resistance to biological degradation. Its ease of drainage makes it possible to keep a dry and clean surface even after a rain, thanks to its fast drainage.

Low cost : When compared with sand, its maintenance cost is low. Wood fiber helps to minimize the maintenance of playgrounds related to the establishment and growth of weeds, because this substance is not propitious to the growth of plants.

No animals : It also eliminates the use of play areas as bedding by pets (dogs, cats, etc.). In addition, it is weed-free and non-flammable.

Certified : Certified CAN-CSA and ASTM;
- CAN-CSA Z614 (Critical Fall Height)
- ASTM F2075 (Particle Size)
- ASTM D2859-06 (Flammability)
- ASTM F1951 (Wheelchair Accessibility)
Complies with IPEMA standards. Full Certification Test Report for April 11, 2017.

Other important benefits : Playground wood fiber also has other important advantages to consider in the development of recreational areas for children in municipal parks, daycare (early childhood centers), etc. : Avoids the deterioration of floors of all kinds (not abrasive), unlike sand or gravel. No splinters in contact with the bare skin. Retains properties and physical characteristics in any climatic condition greater than zero degrees Celcius. Does not absorb heat and does not experience variation in thermal amplitude. Embraces a pleasant natural cedar odor in playgrounds.

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Deicing Salt
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Natural Cedar Mulch
Natural Cedar Mulch