Natural stones

Garden Path

Source : Quebec
Type : Slate

Sizes :

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Slates for garden path s are stones with a flat surface and a natural cleavage. The circumference is natural, the thickness can vary according to the cleavage planes. These stones have a lot of charm and are easy to install. For spaced steps, simply remove the peat and insert the stone.

Sizes : 18'' to 36''
Thicknesses : 1-1/2" to 2-1/2"
Formats : random
Surface finish : Flat surface with natural cleavage

This product is intended for outdoor use.

Packaging :
on pallets 40'' x 48'' height about 30'', weight from 1000 kg to 1 500 kg, covers about 80 ft² / ton.
The covered area may vary depending on the width of the joints.

Classification ASTM C406 Min load ASTM C120 (N) Absorption max ASTM C121 (%) Depth of ramolis. Max ASTM C217
Grade S1 2558 0.25 0.05
Grade S2 2558 0.36 0.20
Grade S3 2558 0.45 0.36
Grade S1 2865 0.16 0.04
The results obtained make it possible to classify slate as Grade S1

Slates belong to the family of clayey, fine-grained shales.
Easy maintenance for outdoors, no sealant required. A sealant can be applied to interior tiles to protect them from stains and waterproof them.
Slate resists bad weather, frost and acid rain, does not fade and is unalterable under the effect of the sun and UV rays.
Easy to use, it cuts easily with a diamond saw and splits easily with a hammer and a slice.
Is slip-resistant if it keeps its natural appearance on the surface.
It accumulates the heat of the sun to restore it to the cooler hours

Source : Quebec
Type : Slate
Source : Quebec
Type : Slate