WC - Matt Finish

Preserves the natural look of wet-cast pavers

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Made of water- and oil-repellent agents, WC Protector for Wet-Cast Pavers is specially formulated for the treatment of wet-cast concrete products*. It prevents deterioration due to chemical products such as de-icing salts, while providing resistance to acids and alkalis. Its active agents form an invisible bond that stops the penetration of contaminants, facilitating the maintenance of wet-cast pavers and slabs. Water based, this Protector does not release unpleasant fumes, and is environmentally friendly.

* Important : Contact the paver manufacturer or distributor to find out if pavers to be treated are truly wet-cast pavers.

3.78 L cover up to 11 m2 (120 sq. ft.). / 18.93 L cover up to 55 m2 (600 sq. ft.).
Coverage will depend on joint width and surface porosity


Keep from freezing. Store in a cool, dry place.

Size : 3.78 liters - 18.93 liters

• Do not apply to natural stone as well as stamped or poured concrete. • Apply only to bare material* or to material previously sealed with this product. Wait until surface is no longer water-repellent before recoating (minimum 2 years). • With the appropriate Techniseal® stripper, remove any unknown coating that was previously applied. • ALWAYS TEST on a small hidden area of approximately 0.4 m2 (4 sq. ft.) to ensure that result meets your expectations (see Warranty).

* ABSORPTION TEST: Sprinkle a few drops of water on surface. If water is absorbed, move on to the next point. If water is repelled, do not apply this product and contact Techniseal Technical Service.

1.Some wet-cast pavers are very sensitive to cleaning products; ALWAYS TEST on a small area to ensure pavers are compatible with stain removers.
2.Cover vegetation, vehicles and adjacent surfaces that are not to be treated.
3.Remove stains with the appropriate Techniseal® stain removers.
4.Prepare the entire surface with Wet-Cast Paver Prep from Techniseal®, as directed on product label.


Application Conditions :
• Surface must be clean, dry and warm to the touch.
• Temperature must be between 10°C and 30°C.
• No rain forecasted for the next 24 hours.
• Sprinkler system must be turned off.
• Use a consistent application method over entire surface.

Necessary Tools :

• 10 or 12 mm polyester nap roller and paint tray
• Low-pressure airless sprayer (< 50 psi) or pump sprayer (optional)

Do not dilute. Shake well or stir product before and during application. Work in sections of no more than 9 m2 
(100 sq. ft.). Apply in such a way that you can return to each section without walking on fresh Protector (2 coats weton-wet technique).

Sprayer Application (Best Practice) : Saturate
the surface with a first coat of Protector. Remove excess with a dry roller. Immediately upon completion of a section, apply a second coat following the same method. Repeat for subsequent sections, maintaining a wet edge in order to prevent overlap marks. Once again, remove excess product with a dry roller, before it dries. An over-accumulation of product could make dust stick to the surface. It could also make surface more slippery.

Roller Application : Saturate
the surface with a first coat of Protector, avoiding accumulation of excess product. Immediately upon completion of a section, apply a second coat following the same method. Maintain a wet edge in order to prevent overlap marks.

Traffic : Pedestrian: 24 h. / Vehicular: 48 to 72 h. Block access during that period.

• Do not attempt sprayer application on windy days. • Do not apply this product over a blotchy or hazed surface. • Do not apply with a foam roller.

Wash tools and hands with warm soapy water. Consult your retailer or municipality regarding the disposal of empty containers or unused product.

WL5 - Recoater
WL5 - Recoater
Formulated for previously sealed surfaces with WL4
WCS - Gloss Finish
WCS - Gloss Finish
Enhances the colour of wet-cast pavers