Cement-Sand Mix

30 kg bag

Quantity :

Composed of a rich blend of Portland cement and sand that meets the specified strength standards, Cement-Sand Mix is the ideal product for crack filling and repair of steps and sidewalks, walls and concrete floors. The uses are multiple.

Yield :
A 30 kg bag covers an approximate area of ​​0.014 cubic meters (0.50 cubic feet).

Recommendations :
This product should not be used where the temperature is below 5ºC or above 39ºC during application. Do not use dirty water. Make sure you always use clean tools. Clean all tools with water immediately after use. Do not exceed 2 inches thick per coat.

Packaging :
This product is offered in 30 kg bag. 56 bags per pallet.

Storage :
Store in a dry place protected from the weather. Unopened bags have a shelf life of 12 months. Product contaminated by water, moisture, or containing hard clods must be discarded.

Surface Preparation : Surfaces to be worked must be free of dirt, dust, grease, etc. For repairs scratch the surface to be restored without leaving loose pieces or dust. Remove residues using a low-flow water jet. Moisten the surface before laying avoiding water accumulations. For best results, use Marco concrete adhesive over existing concrete prior to placement.

Mixing :
Pour the contents of the bag into a container, wheelbarrow or a clean, smooth surface. Add about 4 liters of water per 30 kg bag. Mix well until a uniform mixture is obtained. If the mixture is too thick, add water. Avoid using too clear a mixture.

Application :
Moisten the surfaces before applying the mixture. For repair and filling cracks, compact the mixture with a pestle or stick and / or using a joint trowel. Do not leave voids. To equalize the surface. Any standard finishing technique can be used.

Protection :
Protect the mortar from frost, rain, sun and wind for the first 72 hours.

Curing :
Allow the concrete to set for at least 5 days at 21ºC, or for 7 days if the temperature varies between 10 and 21ºC. Ideal ripening conditions are high humidity and moderate temperature and winds.

Cleaning :
Clean equipment and tools with water before the product hardens. Remove splashes and stains. Once the mixture is hardened, only mechanical cleaning will be effective.

Precautions :
Wash hands and skin when in contact with the product. The cement and silica it contains can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for first aid.

Pre-Mix Concrete
Pre-Mix Concrete
30 kg bag
Parging Pre-Mix
Parging Pre-Mix
30 kg bag