Rust Remover

For pavers takes out rust from concrete pavers

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Techniseal® Rust Remover for pavers takes out rust from concrete pavers. It effectively dissolves stains caused by dripping rusted water, steel streaks, fertilizer granules*, etc. Since it contains no muriatic acid, it won’t damage the material. Ideal for bare or previously sealed surfaces.

* To remove fertilizer stains from a large surface, it is recommended to use Techniseal® HD Paver Preparator.

Size : 700 g
6 units per box

Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles. ALWAYS TEST on a small hidden stain to ensure that result meets your expectations.


Wet the stain and cover it with Rust Remover; using a Techniseal® Brush, scrub the stain until dissolved; rinse immediately with water. If rust persists, repeat the operation.

Paver may appear spotted after the use of Rust Remover. For uniform results, clean the entire surface with Techniseal® HD Paver Preparator. Rust streaks left by metal snowploughs may be difficult to remove. Do not use on natural stone or poured concrete.

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