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SmartSand® Polymeric Sand from Techniseal® is a mix of ASTM C144 graded sand and binder that provides a stable joint between interlocking concrete pavers exposed to normal traffic*. Applied dry, it hardens after being activated with water. It allows joints to resist erosion, weeds and insects. Manufactured with the NextGelTM technology, SmartSand® is quick to activate, sets rapidly and leaves no undesirable haze on pavers.

* For non-standard installations such as high-humidity areas, pool decks, false or wide joints (between 1” and 4”), areas exposed to heavy traffic such as public ways and commercial projects with vehicular traffic, surfaces with steep slopes or surfaces exposed to large amounts of standing water, we recommend the use of HP NextGelTM Jointing Sand from Techniseal (High-Performance formula).

Important : Use only on pavers or slabs installed over a drainage bed (sand-set).

Joint dimensions :
Minimum Joint Width : 1/16”
Maximum Joint Width : 1”

Note : SmartSand® is specially designed for interlocking concrete pavers with a joint width from 1/16” to 1/4”. However, it can also be used with wider joints, up to 1” (width of intersections). Minimum Joint Depth : 1.5”.

Techniseal® pointing sands contribute to LEED credits, based on the use of regional and recycled materials.

22.7 kg bag :
Narrow joints : 60 to 120 square feet.
Wide joints : 25 to 40 square feet.
Required quantity will depend on the shape and size of the pavers or slabs, and on the width and depth of joints.


Unused bags can be stored outside if they are still on a pallet and protected by the original packaging.

Size : 22.7 kg (bag)
56 bags per pallet

ALWAYS TEST on a small hidden area of approximately 0.4 m² (4 sq. ft.) to ensure that result meets your expectations (see Warranty). To ensure good cohesion and long-term strength, the joint filler must be dry completely before being exposed to rain (minimum 24 hours). Drying time will be prolonged in cold or wet weather and for or humid weather and for wide joint installations (wider than 13 mm (1/2 in.). Why is it important? Like paint, grout must dry must dry completely to cure and provide all its benefits. However, joint filler will be able to withstand However, joint filler will withstand unexpected rainfall 60 minutes after installation. It is recommended to plan for at least 24 hours without rain in order to obtain optimal performances.

Installation Conditions :
• Use only on pavers installed on a draining base and sand bed and sand bed as recommended by ICPI.
• Temperature must be above 0°C (32°F) for 48 hours after installation. 
• Surface and joints must be dry.
• Automatic watering system must be turned off.
• No rain expected for the next 24 hours.

Necessary Tools :
• Semi-rigid bristle broom.
• Leaf blower.
• Spray gun and hose
• Vibratory plate.

Compaction Information :
Mechanical compaction is MANDATORY when using SMARTSAND® Polymeric Sand. Failure to do so may compromise joint integrity and performance. If joint width is greater than 0,6 cm (¼”) and mechanical compaction is either not possible or traditionally not used, please use Techniseal’s NOCO™ polymeric joint. 
Plate compactor – Ideally, the plate compactor should have a maximum centrifugal force of 25 kN (5,000 lbf) and a frequency between 80 and 100 Hz. The weight of the plate compactor should not exceed 100 kg (220 lb). A smaller machine can be used for repair work and joint replacement.

Drying :To ensure optimal cohesion and long-term stability, SMARTSAND® Polymeric Sand must dry completely after initial wetting. Drying time will be shorter if it is warm and dry, and longer if the climate is cool and damp. Product must dry at least 60 minutes before being exposed to unexpected rain.

Down time before using :
Pedestrian areas: none
Vehicular areas: 24 to 48 hours. Block access during that period.

1. Spreading sand over the pavers :
Surface must be dry. Spread sand uniformly over the surface. Using a push broom, sweep the product so as to fill the joints completely, down to their full depth. Avoid sweeping the product over long distances, so that the integrity of the sand is preserved.

2. Compacting the sand :
This step is critical to obtain solid, durable joints. Mechanical compaction will provide, at all times, a stronger joint.
Run a plate compactor over the entire surface to fully compact the joints. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until joints are completely full. Joints must be filled up to the bottom of the pavers chamfer, or 3mm (1/8”) below the top of the pavers. Where a plate compactor cannot be used, proceed with a manual compaction : hammer vigorously each corner as well as the contour of each slab with a rubber mallet. This will generate a vibration and pack down the product. A manual compaction will never replace the use of a plate compactor

3. Activating the sand :
This step must be followed closely in order to ensure optimal results.
Important : Before wetting the surface : Remove all sand residue with a leaf blower. Keep the leaf blower at a good distance, so as to not empty the joints. This will avoid having product residue activated with water and stick to the surface of the pavers. Surface must be free of the product.

Since SmartSand starts repelling water only a few minutes after it gets wet, it is essential to wet no more than 200 square feet of surface at a time.
Ensure that the wetting of one section is finished before another section is started. Wetting of the entire project should be done without interruptions.

Set the spray nozzle to “shower”.
2. Start showering from the bottom of the slope.
3. Wet a 200 square feet section for approximately 30 seconds without displacing the sand.
4. Wait a few seconds and wet the same section again for another 30 seconds or until joint are saturated (water can no more penetrate the sand). Avoid run-off and foaming.
5. Immediately move on to an adjacent 200 square feet section. Avoid excess flooding of the surface, which could cause unwanted run-off.

Tip : On textured pavers, after wetting the joints on a section, use a leaf blower to blow excess water off the surface. This will remove any remaining sand and polymer residue.

When wetting joints wider than 1/2” : wet sections no larger than 50 square feet. For each section, shower for 30 seconds a first time, then shower again for another 30 seconds or until joints can no longer absorb water.

Warnings :
• Wear appropriate safety gear.
• Product must dry at least 60 minutes before being exposed to unexpected rain.
• To obtain optimal performances, it is recommended to plan for 24 hours without rain.
• Ensure that joint has hardened before cleaning and sealing the surface. Depending on climate and type of installation, typical recommended wait time is 30 days.
• Not for use on submerged or constantly wet surfaces.
• Joints become soft when humid but become hard again when dry.
• Do not mix product with cement, sand or any other material.
• Because product comes from a natural source, color and grain size may vary.
• This product starts repelling water a few minutes after initial wetting. Make sure to complete each section per detailed installation instructions before moving to the next one.
• The use of cleaning devices (high pressure washer, etc.) is restricted during the first 30 days. It should be noted that too direct and violent jets can create alterations, so it is best to consult the machine manufacturers in order to use the specific accessories with soft jets.
• Failure to have recessed joint could lead to premature joint degradation.
• Do not sweep product over asphalt.
• Bedding layer needs to be able to drain properly in order to allow for the SMARTSAND® Polymeric Sand to dry properly. Certain type of bedding or screening materials may not drain properly which will trap moisture and may cause issues.
• Proper maintenance is paramount to maintaining joints in optimal condition. Excessive moisture, shade, inadequate cleaning and maintenance, presence of soil and organic matters (including grass trimmings) left on the joints may contribute to growth of moss, mold or mildew and a premature deterioration of the jointing product.

IMPORTANT : Do not use this product to cover only the top of the joint ("capping").

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